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Contact Information:

Bernadette A. Parduski, City Clerk
City of Shelby
Mailing address:  P O Box 207, Shelby, NC  28151-0207
Street address:  300 South Washington Street, Shelby, NC 28150
Phone:  704 484-6800

The City Clerk is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of City Council.  The City Clerk serves as a liaison between the citizens and elected officials and provides administrative support and information services to the Mayor, Council, and City Manager.  The City Clerk is the official custodian of public records and keeps a journal of the proceedings and meetings of Council. 

The City Clerk position involves a wide variety of duties to facilitate good rule and efficient government of the City.  The City Council holds two meetings per month and the City Clerk is responsible for preparing an agenda for each of those meetings.  The City Clerk attends the meetings and records the minutes of all the board meetings.  Following the City Council meetings, the Clerk is responsible for distributing a digest of action taken by the City Council, and attesting and distributing all necessary documents to outside agencies, contractors, and various departments.  One of the most challenging and time consuming tasks of the City Clerk is taking full and accurate minutes of each board meeting and preparing them for City Council's approval before the next meeting.

Other duties of the City Clerk include keeping the City's Code of Ordinance up to date and codified, preparing notices of public hearings, and maintaining current listing of Boards and Commissions members, and information packets on the City in general.

The City Clerk administers oaths of office to various individuals including newly hired police officers and newly appointed Board members.  After an election when new City Councilors are appointed to the City Council, the City Clerk will assist with orientation of the Board Member.  The City Clerk is responsible for meeting the legal requirements of the Council's actions and for preserving and managing the legal and historical integrity of the government through the creation and maintenance of the official legal records.

The City Clerk office can be considered the "Information Source" for City government information and history. City Clerk communicates daily with the City Council members, City Manager, Department Heads, other government employees and the press.  The City Clerk also serves as a link between the citizens and the government as the primary source for providing information.  The City Clerk strives to be a link for the citizens to their government and to be a valuable resource to both.

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