Fire Prevention Bureau : Public Fire Education

The fire education instruction classes are taught to third graders in the elementary schools in the City Limits of Shelby with an enrollment of approx. 400 students.
This program which has been taught for approx. 26 years teaches the children responsibility at home, school, and in the community. We know that with this program in place, we are planting a very significant seed.

Our Fire Education classes in the schools are not the only means that we have reached children.  Over 2500 children, from all over Cleveland County,  have come to the Shelby Fire Stations annually to talk with firefighters, tour the stations and see what the Fire Department is all about.

Tours are available upon request and are done at Fire Station One located at 506 E. Grover St. (1 block from the hospital). Station tours last approximately 1 hour -1 ½ hours depending on size of group.




The children’s Fire Safety House, which was built by The Shelby Fire Fighters, continues to be a very effective tool and is used especially with preschool and Kindergarten children.  And “Freddie” the fire truck is always a hit with the kids.
The Fire Marshals office also gives classes on the proper steps in using a portable fire extinguisher. These classes are given to Daycare workers, staff of doctors’ offices, and the staff of assisted living centers. Also developing evacuation plans and assisting in fire drills are other classes provided by the Fire Prevention Bureau.


For any Fire Prevention Scheduling Contact Ray Beck at    (704)484-6816 ~






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