Parks and recreation : Holly Oak CHURCH Schedule Information for Basketball


Home Team On Right

Thursday, February 27th

6PM Hopper's Chapel-90 vs 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem-59

7PM Faith Harvest-80 vs Washington-85

8PM Macedonia-68 vs Shoal Creek-64

Monday, March 3rd

6PM 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem-69 vs Faith Harvest-73

7PM Washington-63 vs Macedonia-62

8PM Shoal Creek-54 vs Hopper's Chapel-56

Thursday, March 6th

6PM Washington-63 vs Shoal Creek-48

7PM Faith Harvest-38 vs Hopper's Chapel-66

8PM Macedonia-63 vs 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem-68

Monday, March 10th

6PM Washington-58 vs Hopper's Chapel-67

7PM Macedonia-51 vs Faith Harvest-57

8PM Shoal Creek-59 vs 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem-57

Thursday, March 13th

6PM Faith Harvest-64 vs Shoal Creek-56

7PM Macedonia-54 vs Hopper's Chapel-64

8PM Washington-81 vs 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem-72

Monday, March 17th

6PM Shoal Creek-61 vs Hopper's Chapel-80

7PM Washington-59 vs Macedonia-52

8PM 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem-58 vs Faith Harvest-63

Thursday, March 20th

6PM Macedonia-66 vs Shoal Creek-63

7PM Faith Harvest-70 vs Washington-64

8PM Hopper's Chapel-82 vs 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem-68

Monday, March 24th

6PM Shoal Creek-64 vs Washington-63

7PM Hopper's Chapel-76 vs Faith Harvest-53

8PM 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem-68 vs Macedonia-61

Thursday, March 27th

6PM Hopper's Chapel-89 vs Washington-59

7PM Faith Harvest-74 vs Macedonia71

8PM 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem-66 vs Shoal Creek-61

Monday, March 31st

6PM Shoal Creek-68 vs Faith Harvest-60

7PM Hopper's Chapel-72 vs Macedonia-63

8PM 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem-74 vs Washington-81

Thursday, April 3rd

6PM Hopper's Chapel-62 vs Shoal Creek-54

7PM Macedonia-79 vs Washington-82

8PM Faith Harvest-94 vs 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem-83

Monday, April 7th

6PM 1st Baptist Lawndale/New Jerusalem vs Hopper's Chapel

7PM Shoal Creek vs Macedonia

8PM Washington vs Faith Harvest



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