2015 Parks and recreation : 2015 Pee Wee Baseball Schedule

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2015 Shelby City Park Pee Wee Baseball Schedule

(Team On Left Is Home & Has 3rd Base Dugout)

Monday, May 4th

6PM Pirates-19 vs. Indians-4

7PM Phillies-9 vs. Twins-6

8PM Yankees-7 vs. Astros-0


Wednesday, May 20th - Complex 1

6PM Royals-10 vs. Yankees-9

7PM Reds-11 vs. Braves-0

8PM Astros-1 vs. Pirates-13

Tuesday, May 5th

6PM Astros-7 vs. White Sox-6

7PM Braves-5 vs. Yankees-12

8PM Twins-14 vs. Pirates-19


Thursday, May 21st - Complex 1

6PM White Sox-6 vs. Indians-7

7PM Royals-16 vs. Twins-8

8PM Reds-14 vs. Phillies-4

Wednesday, May 6th

6PM Indians-17 vs. Braves-7

7PM Reds-11 vs. Royals-10


Tuesday, May 26th

6PM Yankees-12 vs. Twins-2

Thursday, May 7th

6PM Whtie Sox-3 vs. Reds-7

7PM Royals-7 vs. Phillies-6


Wednesday, May 27th

6PM Astros-0 vs. Reds-13

Saturday, May 9th - Complex 1

9AM Braves-8 vs. Twins-9

10AM Phillies-0 vs. White Sox-2

11AM Astros-5 vs. Indians-4

12PM Pirates-11 vs. Royals-7

1PM Reds-2 vs. Yankees-15


Thursday, May 28th

6PM White Sox-2 vs. Royals-4

7PM Braves-7 vs. Phillies-6

Monday, May 11th - Complex 1

6PM White Sox-5 vs. Pirates-9

7PM Indians-6 vs. Reds-7

8PM Yankees-9 vs. Phillies-5


Friday, May 29th

6PM Reds vs. Pirates

7PM Astros vs. Braves

8PM Royals vs. Indians

Tuesday, May 12th - Complex 1

6PM Royals-20 vs. Braves-14


7PM Twins vs. Astros


Monday, June 1st

6PM White Sox vs. Yankees

Wednesday, May 13th - Complex 1

6PM Pirates-8 vs. Yankees-18

7PM Braves-4 vs. White Sox-3

8PM Phillies-10 vs. Indians-8


Tuesday, June 2nd

6PM Astros vs. Phillies

Thursday, May 14th - Complex 1

6PM Astros-1 vs. Royals-15

7PM Reds-11 vs. Twins-6

8PM Yankees-12 vs. White Sox-2


Wednesday, June 3rd

6PM Braves vs. Pirates

Friday, May 15th - Complex 1

6PM Pirates-6 vs. Reds-1

7PM Braves-7 vs. Astros-9

8PM Indians-4 vs. Royals-14


Thursday, June 4th

6PM White Sox vs. Twins

Saturday, May 16th


10:00AM - Recreation & Sports Complex


Saturday, June 6th - Complex 1

9AM Yankees vs. Indians

10AM Braves vs. Reds

11AM Pirates vs. Phillies

12PM Twins vs. Royals

Monday, May 18th

6PM Pirates-13 vs. Braves-0

7PM Phillies-7 vs. Astros-13

8PM Twins-9 vs. Indians-3


Monday, June 8th - Complex 1

6PM Pirates vs. Astros

7PM Phillies vs. Reds

8PM Indians vs. White Sox

Tuesday, May 19th

6PM Indians-3 vs. Yankees-10

7PM Twins-6 vs. White Sox-1

8PM Phillies-5 vs. Pirates-20


Tuesday, June 9th - Complex 1

6PM Yankees vs. Royals

7PM Indians vs. Twins

8PM Phillies vs. Braves


Wednesday, June 10th - Complex 1

6PM Reds vs. Astros

7PM Twins vs. Yankees

8PM Royals vs. White Sox

Double Elimination Play-Offs

June 15th - June 26th

All-Star Game - Tuesday, July 7th


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