Parks and recreation :2015 Junior Basketball all-stars Schedule


The Shelby City Park Junior Basketball All-Star Team Will play in a round robin Tournament at Shelby City Park on Saturday, February 21st.

Saturday, February 21st

10:00AM Shelby-38 vs Hickory-56

Jaylen Clemmons and Matt Deleary and Pierson Hanvey scored 13pts each to lead Hickory. Santana Eaves scored 13pts to pace Shelby.

11:15AM Hickory-46 vs Alexander Co.-45

Pierson Havney scored 11pts and Jaylen Clemmons scored 10pts to lead Hickory. Hickory Wins the 2015 Wester Youth Athletic Association Junior Tournament. Kaleb Beeber scored 22pts to pace Alexander County.

12:30PM Alexander Co.-38 vs Shelby-59

Georage Dunlap scored 14pts and Santa Eaves scored 8pts to lead Shelby. Kaleb Beeber scored 18pts to pace Alexander County.

Admission: Adults $2.00

             Under 12   $ 1.00

Concessions will be available


Ahric Lipscomb                  Stroud Wilson & Thompson

K.J. Washington                 Shelby Optimist Club

Santana Eaves                  Shelby Optimist Club

Nate Phillips                      Shelby Optimist Club

Desmond Hyde                   Shelby Optimist Club

Bill Benton                         S&M Sports

Bradley Browner                 S&M Sports

Jamez Huskey                    S&M Sports

George Dunlap                   S&M Sports

Rodney Cannon                  Future Energy

Josh Hopper                      Future Energy

Devonte Parker                  Future Energy

Coaches:Head Coach Mike Conley        Shelby Optimist Club

                   Coach: Anthony Gullatte S&M Sports




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