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Saturday, November 15th @ Shelby High School

***Consolation Game***

Falcons-30 Giants-6

DeNorris Gist scored on runs of 36yds and 39yds and Jakeith Hamilton scored on a 51yd run and a 2pt conversion. and Forest Ross scored on a 74yd run and Omari Kelly and TyJay Johnson each had a 2pt conversion to lead the Falcons. D.J. Eskridge scored on a 10yd run to pace the Giants.


Steelers-8 Jets-6

Daylin Lee scored on a 70yd run and Jahmarre Littlejohn had a 2pt conversion to lead the Steelers. Other team members:Shyne Hamilton, Ronald Ruff, Kinston Alexis, Cameron Sanders, Leondre Thurman, Alandis Borders, Jaden Ellis, Jayden Sanders, Mau'reon Brooks,

Jabari Thurman, M.J. Ussery, Joshua Woods, Kenneth Patterson, Tyson Allison, Dee Jennings, Christopher Ellis, Zeke Raynor, Jaden Jennings Trey Jolly, Tadarrin Poston Bryan Torres, Coaches: Head Coach Barry Hopper, Tyrone Randleman, Tony Whisnant, The Steelers 2014 Pee Wee League Champions. DaShawn Jones scored on a 20yd run to pace the Jets.



For more information call the City Park Office at 704-484-6811.



Standing Team Name Record
1st Place JETS 6 - 0
2nd Place STEELERS 4 - 2
3rd Place FALCONS 2 - 4
4th Place GIANTS 0 - 6



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