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KEEP SHELBY BEAUTIFUL COMMISSION, formerly known as Shelby Appearance

Commission (SAC), was established in January 1972 to promote the general welfare of the citizens of the City of Shelby by making careful study of the visual problems and needs of the municipality within its area of zoning jurisdiction and make plans to carry out programs that enhance and improve the visual quality and aesthetic characteristics of the City. In March 2003, Keep Shelby Beautiful (KSB), advisory council to the Shelby Appearance Commission was formed and became a certified affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. KSB’s mission was to empower individuals to take responsibility for enhancing the quality of life for Shelby’s citizens through litter prevention, reduction in waste, beautification and education.

After several years of working separately, the Shelby Appearance Commission and Keep Shelby Beautiful merged in January 2010. The purpose of the merger was to strengthen beautification efforts designed to enhance and improve the quality of life in Shelby.

It is the intent of the KSB_Bylaws to affirm this merger and to affirm the partnership between Keep Shelby Beautiful and the national Keep America Beautiful organization as a municipal affiliate.

Keep Shelby Beautiful (KSB) is a fifteen member advisory board to the City Council of Shelby, North Carolina. Since 2003, KSB has been an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful (KAB). As an affiliate, KSB enjoys learning from and sharing information with almost 600 KAB affiliates across America. KSB works with volunteers, schools, civic clubs, local businesses, and City staff to educate the Shelby community on programs for litter prevention, recycling, and beautification. The mission is to empower individuals to take responsibility for improving the quality of life in the community by the use of education, technology, local ordinances, and effective enforcement to “KEEP SHELBY BEAUTIFUL”!

To view the ordinance establishing Keep Shelby Beautiful, please click on Keep Shelby Beautiful Establishing Ordinance.

For information on Keep Shelby Beautiful Commission, formerly the Shelby Appearance Commission, go to Keep Shelby Beautiful.




Audrey Whetten (Executive Director)
USA Rep.

Lillian Corprew

Jan. 2016

Peter Potemkin

Jan. 2016

Linda Price

Jan. 2016

Joe Linton Suttle IV

Jan. 2016

Doris Cheatham

Jan. 2015

Don Costner

Jan. 2015

Patti Ellis McMurry

Jan. 2015

Dana Scoggin (Chairwoman)

Jan. 2015

Wiley Smith Jr. (Vice Chair)

Jan. 2015

Marywinn Amaya

Jan. 2014

Helen Gilliatt

Jan. 2014

Charles Hamrick

Jan. 2014

Carol Ledbetter

Jan. 2014


Meetings held on first Wednesday of each month from 11:45 - 1:00 p.m in the UOC Assembly Room at 824 W. Grover St.

Three (3) year appointments.


City Council Liaison:

Ben Kittrell - Ward 5

715 Cedar Hill Dr.

Shelby, NC 28152

H: 704-751-4046

W: 828-657-2333


Advisor to KSB:

Fred Blackley

504 Dekalb St.

Shelby, NC 28150;

W: 704-484-1731



Staffed by:

Walter (Walt) Scharer, Planning Services Director

Jordan Tubbs, Planner and Keep Shelby Beautiful Coordinator

Wanda LaRhette, Code Enforcement Officer 

Stuart McDaniel, Code Enforcement Officer











For more information, contact:

Planning & Development Services

Phone: 704-484-6829

Post Office Box 207  (28151)

315 South Lafayette Street;  Shelby, NC 28150




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