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ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT is a quasi-judicial board with meetings open to the

public. This board meets the first Thursday of each month with the business meeting beginning at 12:15 PM at the UOC Assembly Room, Utilities Operations Center, 824 West Grover Street, Shelby.

The board is composed of eight inside city limits members and three ETJ members. They are appointed for three year staggered terms by City Council. The outside members have jurisdiction over matters within the ETJ, only. The inside members have jurisdiction over matters within the city limits and the ETJ. 

The powers and duties of the Zoning Board of Adjustment are:

The Board of Adjustment shall hear and decide:

  1. Appeals from any order, decision, requirement, or interpretation made by the Zoning Administrator, as provided in Section 7-1 of the UDO.
  2. Applications for conditional use permits, as provided in Section 4-7 of the UDO.
  3. Applications for general variances, as provided in Section 7-2 and applications for variances from watershed district overlay requirements as provided Section 7-2.3 of the UDO.
  4. Questions involving interpretations of the zoning map, including disputed district boundary lines and lot lines, as provided in Section 2-3.2 of the UDO.
  5. Applications for a special exception, as provided in Section 6-3.3 of the UDO.
  6. Any other matter of the Board is required to act upon by any other City ordinance.





David Beam

July 2017

Mot (Martha) Davis

July 2017

Burel Harris (Chairman)


July 2016

Morris Hudson

July 2015

Mike Philbeck

July 2016

Chris Martin - Alternate

July 2017

Thomas Martin Jr. (Vice Chair)

July 2016

Bill McCarter - Alternate


July 2017

Roger Holland

July 2015

Noel MacArthur

July 2015

VACANCT - Alternate

July 2015


Meetings are held ont he first Thursday of each month at 12:15 p.m in the UOC Assembly Room at 824 W. Grover St.

Three-year (3) appointments.


City Council Liason:

Jeanette Patterson - Ward 3

404 S Washington St

Shelby, NC 28150

H: 704-487-9870


Staffed by:

Walter (Walt) Scharer, Planning Services Director

Korrie Becht, Planner/GIS Analyst

Kathy Melton, Administrative Assistant/Board Secretary

Judy Webb, Zoning Enforcement Officer




Zoning_Board_of_Adjustment_February 2012_Minutes





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