Shelby Police Department’s Community Policing / Problem Solving Unit serves a dual role.  This unit on one hand focuses on working with residents and business owners to build strong working relationships to help combat the issues that affect the quality of life we each face.  We also realize that our kids are our future; therefore we work with them through the G.R.E.A.T program and other programs such as Cop Camp, etc to build those lasting relationships that will allow them to lead our future.

On the other hand our unit takes the zero tolerance stance in enforcing the laws and city ordinances that are being violated through the acts of some that affects the quality of life within our community.  The problems our community faces are identified through the relationships our unit builds within the community as well as individual investigations conducted by officers.  Our main goal is for residents, business owners, and visitors alike to live, work, and play in an environment that is free from the fear of crime.


Contact Information

Lt. Tim Walker               

Office (704) 482-4899

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Sgt. Jason Benfield

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Officer Keith Bridges

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Officer Scott Ledford

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Officer Dan Bernat

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Officer Joe Burris

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Some of the services offered by our Crime Prevention officer are security surveys and business surveys.  All of the services provided by our COP staff are free of charge to the public.



Internet Safety Desk

NC Crime Prevention Association                               G.R.E.A.T. Program

NC Community Watch Association                              ProjectLifesaver

SBI Sex Offender Registry                                        Citizen Police Academy Pamphlet

COP CAMP pamphlet                                                Citizens Police Academy Application

Cop Camp Registration Form                                    Safe Kids Coalition                                                                  



The Community Watch Program



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