Police Department canine team





The Shelby Police Department currently has four K-9 officers. The K-9 officers are trained by a civilian trainer, Howard Young. Mr. Young has made many positive changes to the K-9 program.

In 1995 we reorganized and redirected our K-9 program. One of the most recognizable effects of this change is that we now have a more controlled and socialized animal. Each K-9 Officer receives 16 hours of training per month under the direction of Mr. Young. The inservice training our K-9's receive has led to all four of our dogs being nationally certified by the National Police Working Dog Association.

All of the working dogs for the Shelby Police Department are trained in tracking, apprehension, crowd control and narcotics detection. 

Our K9 program does conduct public presentations upon request, provided the resources are available at the time of the request. 

For more information about the Shelby Police Department K-9 Program, contact Howard Young at (704) 484-6845. Mr. Young can also be reached by email by clicking here.




National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA)



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