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Sergeant Craig Earwood

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The primary function of the Internal Affairs Unit is to investigate complaints of employee misconduct and violations of department policies and procedures.  The Internal Affairs Unit ensures that all allegations are investigated thoroughly and objectively.  In addition, the Internal Affairs Unit reviews and conducts analyses of all use of force and vehicular pursuits to ensure agency policies and procedures are followed.  The Internal Affairs Unit reports directly to the Chief of Police.


Police Complaint Procedures

The Shelby Police Department is committed to providing the most professional law enforcement services to the citizens we serve.  If someone feels they have had an unprofessional experience with a member of the Shelby Police Department, we encourage them to contact our agency so we can review the employee’s action(s) to ensure department policies and procedures were followed.  A citizens complaint can be registered in four different ways:


  • In-Person- Complaints can be made in-person, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by coming to the front lobby of the police department and asking to speak to an on-duty supervisor.
  • In-Writing- Complaints can be made in writing by addressing them to:







Shelby Police Department

Chief Jeff Ledford

311 South Lafayette Street

Shelby, NC 28150







Download a copy of our complaint form by clicking here.

  • By Phone- You can initiate a complaint via phone by calling (704) 484-6845, and requesting to speak to an on-duty supervisor. 
  • By Email- You can initiate a complaint via email by clicking here.


Upon receipt of the complaint, you will be contacted by the investigating Supervisor or the Internal Affairs Unit. At this step you may be requested to provide a sworn statement(s), produce any evidence of allegations and/or discuss the complaint in detail.




Department pamphlet, How to File a Commendation or Complaint

Department Statistics, Complaint Summary From Previous Year



NC Internal Affairs Investigators Association

National Internal Affairs Investigators Association







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