UtilitieS: Engineering

Mission Statement

It is the goal of the City of Shelby Engineering Department to provide responsible, high-quality and cost-effective engineering services to our citizens, as well as the other divisions and departments of our City.  Through these services, we strive to improve the health, safety and overall quality of life for the citizens of our City.

Objectives for the Engineering Department

  • Oversee maintenance and growth of Shelby Municipal Airport
  • Administer NC Division of Aviation Block Grant Program
  • Manage revitalization of Downtown Shelby streets and sidewalks
  • Work closely with the Planning Department to review site development plans for proposed businesses and subdivisions located within the City and extraterritorial jurisdiction
  • Administer local ordinances, policies and procedures
  • Review plans for public water and sanitary sewer extensions and provide City construction observations
  • Deal with storm water drainage issues
  • Issue curb-cut driveway permits for City streets and review and approve NC Department of Transportation driveway permits for state maintained streets inside the City limits
  • Provide project management for local, state and federally funded capital improvement projects
  • Administer street closings as well as street additions
  • Estimate and manage annual resurfacing program
  • Oversee Powell Bill funds
  • Obtain utility easements for expansions of the City utilities systems


Standard Details

Petition for Local Improvements

Petition to Close Street or Alley

Deed of Easement for Utilities (Contact Ben Yarboro at 704.484.6840)

Petition for Sanitary Sewer Collector Line Extensions


For stormwater information, visit our Stormwater page.


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 For Questions or Comments
Ben Yarboro
Civil Engineer
Phone: 704-484-6840 
George W. Clay, Jr. Utility Operations Center
Phone: 704-484-6840 | Fax: 704-484-6808
Office Hours: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Monday - Friday



Before construction, excavation or digging is done on your premises, call 811 to have underground gas lines located and marked. 


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