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The First Broad River Wastewater Treatment plant is a modern six million gallon per day capacity facility with an activated sludge process.  This facility is one of only two wastewater treatment plants in North Carolina that is ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certified.


With a current average flow of 2.39 million gallons per day, our competent staff of 14 employees is trained and certified in the wastewater treatment process to safeguard the effluent back into the First Broad River.

An on site composting facility is also a part of the daily operations of the wastewater treatment plant.  Approximately 1,200 tons of Class A/EQ (excellent quality) product is produced annually.  Not only is the compost totally organic, it is great to use on your lawn, plants, trees or gardens.  Compost is an excellent soil amendment to red dirt (clay), which is predominate in our area.  Our composting facility uses storm debris (trees, limbs, etc.) and sludge to produce a quality product.  This process eliminates approximately 800 tons of debris taking up landfill space. For compost availability please call 704-484-6850 and press option #1.


The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 1940 South Lafayette Street.  Hours of operation are 8:00am to 4:00pm weekdays and 8:00am to 12 noon on Saturday and mostholidays.  For more information please call 704-484-6850.

Plant Tours

Our staff at Shelby’s Wastewater Treatment Plant welcomes group or individual tours of our facility.  To arrange a plant tour, please contact Brad Greene or Jordan Jackson at 704-484-6850.


First Row (left to right): Todd Humphries, JD Lankford, Steve Smith

Second Row (left to right): Richie Hendrick, Ted Black, Kenneth Wellmon

(Left to right): Brad Greene, Rusty Morrison, Chris Brunette, Craig Jonas

(Left to right): Jordan Jackson, Tyler Brooks, Donna Lane


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Brad Greene

Plant Supervisor/ORC
Plant Mechanic Supervisor/Lift Stations    
Phone: 704-484-6850
Phone: 704-484-6850 
Jordan Jackson
Lab Supervisor/Pretreatment/FOG
Phone: 704-484-6850


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